​One Vision One World 

current project l'artibonit

One Vision One World is in the trenches of the hardest areas to build and yet we are building. Our investments are smart and strategic. Together, we're making a difference. Our hope is to continue to fulfill our mission of providing relief to the poor, distressed and underprivileged children in Haiti by building homes and schools. We believe it is essential to establish a strong relationship with the children to demonstrate to them that not only will we assist them but also not abandon them. 

The housing project, targeted to safeguard children, will accomplish our objective of providing them with the basic need of a shelter; thus, keeping them off the streets where they are vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse (HIV, STDs), exposure to life threatening
diseases and involvement in criminal activities. 

The school project in L'Artibonit will give families access to education and opportunity. We have chosen L’Artibonit because it has an established feeding program. This will ascertain that the children are properly nourished which will enhance their ability to focus and learn. 

One Vision One World has gone to Haiti on two mission trips and thus far we've been able to accomplish the following: 

1. Construction of a home for orphans in Archaie, Haiti 

2. School supplies for 600 children 

3. Shoes and clothing for 290 children 

4. Toothpaste, toothbrushes and diapers for an orphanage in Kenscoff, Haiti. 

We hope to accomplish a lot more and with your help give the Haitian children what they need to turn their dreams into reality!

Let’s put an end to poverty in Haiti and Africa!