​One Vision One World 



Joana Bennett serves as our President and Director and accomplishes those tasks assigned to her in accordance with our Bylaws. She oversees the operations of our organization, leads board meetings, and promotes our organization. 

Joana earned her undergraduate degree in Business from
University of Miami. She lived in Africa (Mozambique, Botswana and Cameroon) with her family until she was fifteen (15) years old, after which she went to boarding school in Switzerland to complete high school. While at boarding school, Joana traveled to Romania to help orphans with AIDs which is when she developed her love for orphans and found her life’s calling. 

Joana has been working with different orphanages in Africa for the past fourteen (14) years. She also volunteered at Doorways (a temporary community shelter and resource center for abused, homeless or at-risk women and families) while living in Arlington, Virginia. She is also on the Board of Directors at a non-profit (
Shareacause) in Washington D.C. 

Joana will work as needed to accomplish her duties and will not be compensated by our organization. 




Shannon earned a BA in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater and her Masters in Taxation at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. She started off her career with Deloitte Tax after graduating and continues her career as a consultant in corporate income tax, focusing on tax planning and accounting for income tax. 

Throughout her life growing up in Wisconsin, Shannon was actively involved in her community working with food programs and other not for profits such as Habitat for Humanity. Her addiction to travel has led her around the world several times and her passion to help others in the countries she has visited has grown with each place she has traveled to. Shannon is now located in Phoenix, AZ and has found
fulfillment of her passion, working to help those in need, with One Vision One World. Type your paragraph here.



Hilary Powell serves as our Vice President and Director and accomplishes those tasks assigned to her in accordance with our Bylaws. Hilary works with the Board of Directors and other senior executives of the organization to plan, develop and enforce policies and objectives for the organization to ensure it maintains its values and meets established goals. 

Hilary went to Shippensburg University and earned a Bachelor's in social work. She did social work in VA until she discovered a center for children with emotional disabilities and got a job there as a TA. Hilary received a Masters at George Mason in Special Education. She has been teaching students with disabilities ever since (15 years). 

​Joana will work as needed to accomplish her duties and will not be compensated by our organization. 



Sjoerd Nikkelen serves as our Treasurer and Director and accomplishes those tasks assigned to him in accordance with our Bylaws. He manages our finances, attends board meetings, and assists with fundraising. 

Sjoerd received his Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from
Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and earned his MBA from Columbia Business School in New York (MBA Business and Finance). He has been working for Boston Consulting Group since 2005 and was previously a World Forum Project Leader for Mobile Financial Services. 

Sjoerd has also worked as the Project Manager on the Rhotia Valley Development Project, an HIV orphanage project in Ngorongoro crater, Tanzania. He provided turn-around management and restored order at a failing, privately funded development project which was focused on building a high-end lodge to fund a local HIV orphanage. Type your paragraph here.

Our team

Let’s put an end to poverty in Haiti and Africa!



William serves as our Program Director and creates and supervises programs, reaches out to community for volunteers and support, assists in writing grant proposals, coordinates all activities of mission trip and supervises volunteers. He was instrumental in negotiating favorable terms for school supplies used in One Vision One World's first mission to Haiti. William’s 35 years of international management experience will add value to our organization. 

William has held various International Management positions in Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean with American Multi-National companies such as ChevronTexaco, ExxonMobil, and General Electric. He has also led corporate community projects in Mozambique, Botswana, and Cameroon providing funding for projects relating to children. Type your paragraph here.



Toni Saul serves as our Director of Communications. She accomplishes those tasks assigned to her in accordance with our Bylaws. She edits written documents and attends board meetings. 

Toni Saul is currently employed as a Spiritual Director and Adjunct Professor. She will be ordained as an Interfaith Minister in late 2016.Her professional experience includes positions as a Parish Stewardship Minister and over twenty years as a Flight Instructor, Regional Airline Pilot, College Professor and Administrator. 

In addition to OVOW, Toni has served as a diocesan ambassador for communities in the Dominican Republic. Other interests include hospice care and the environment. Her hospice experience consists of ten years of direct patient care in a home for the dying poor and those with AIDS. Toni has also participated with a research team teaching residents of the island kingdom of Tonga about fish sustainability and coral reef protection.Type your paragraph here.



Caroline McGroder serves as our Secretary and Director and accomplishes those tasks assigned to her in accordance with our Bylaws. She attends board meetings, manages corporate records, takes minutes at meetings and assists with fundraising. 

Caroline earned a BA in American Studies from Creighton University and her J.D. from Phoenix School of Law. Throughout law
school she clerked for Gallagher & Kennedy, P.C. located in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Caroline worked on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C from 2007-2009. She became well versed in the Legislative process during her time in the nation’s capital and learned how to give non-profits a voice in Congress. As a member of the Theater Artists Studio (a non-profit designed to provide a professional
theatre resource for the community in Phoenix), Caroline organizes a theatre camp for homeless children. Last year, Caroline traveled down the Amazon River to visit indigenous tribes, providing them with necessary supplies. Her family helped fund and construct a medical center for the Uka Yane Pusanga tribe. Type your paragraph here.